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18 year old Male from Assť, FRANCE FR
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Why does everyone proof themselves they are the good ones, I DONT KNOW, ALL I KNOW I AM THE BEST ONE!
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haha no sarcasm here i am totally not suffering reminder shit: tf2 sens: 1.92 List of things I hate: I hate optimism. I hate itches. I hate crowded places. I hate public restrooms. I hate sewers. I hate spaying and neutering. I hate mondays. I hate cigarettes. I hate smoke. I hate the French language. I hate idiocy. I hate podcasts. I hate the future. I hate fear. I hate the color cyan / teal. I hate radios. I hate lies. I hate insects. I hate markets. I hate fireworks. I hate weddings. I hate alarms. I hate clocks. I hate numbers. I hate math. I hate cash registers. I hate lines. I hate ceremonies. I hate cults. I hate football. I hate laws. I hate bots. I hate fictional books. I hate Virtual Reality. I hate actual reality. I hate brightness. I hate boats. I hate chewing gum. I hate doorbells. I hate depression. I hate boredom. I hate suicidal thoughts. I hate smileys. I hate BBQs. I hate technology. I hate change. Do you know what I hate too? I hate humans. To be more specific (I hate being unspecific): I hate the human body, it's mostly ugly and works like shit. I hate human germs. I hate human odor. I hate human supremacists. I hate hunters. I hate humans who reproduce. I hate opinionated humans. I hate sheeple. I hate rapists. I hate neuter nazis. I hate cops. I hate narrow minded humans. I hate humans who see animals as nothing. I hate smokers. I hate humans who walk slow. I hate construction workers. I hate humans who can't shut the fuck up. I hate humans who force their religion down your throat. And to top it off, I probably hate you too. What I love, is memes.
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